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Reliable IT Support in Freetown, MA

Convenient IT Support in Freetown, MA

PKCSR Inc. is a full-service computer consulting company that offers remote and on-site IT support in Freetown, Massachusetts, and to businesses around the nation. Our technicians can assist any organization with their network. Each of our professionals is trained to work on Oracle's PeopleSoft applications. We have the expertise to upgrade these applications to make them easier to use. 

Meet Our President

Paul Corcoran is the founder of our company. An independent software contractor since 1997, Mr. Corcoran has the skills to upgrade any system and is a very hands-on technician. Paul enjoys going out into the field to offer computer technical support to both small and large corporations. He also helps IT groups enhance their finance and human resources systems to make them more effective.

Document Library

Mr. Corcoran has worked on many Oracle PeopleSoft projects. Many of the clients he has assisted throughout the years are popular companies you may recognize, such as The Boeing Company. Check out a full list of his past projects.

Helping You Make the Most of Your Software

Whether you run a business with a staff of five employees or 500, you need network solutions and software that can support your company’s needs reliably. No matter what service you provide or what your area of expertise is, it’s important to maintain good security practices when it comes to your company’s network. The skilled professionals at PKCSR Inc. specialize in making sure all of your software is secure and updated and that you’re making the most efficient use of your programs and hardware. Get in touch with us for comprehensive IT support in Freetown, MA, and keep your business running smoothly.

Experienced Computer Technical Support Staff

Technology is always advancing at a rapid pace, and it’s important for business owners to keep up lest their company fall behind its competitors. Unfortunately, not every business owner can be completely up-to-date on all of the latest advances and developments in network security and business operational software. That’s why our skilled computer technical support team is here. We’re always in the loop on the latest ways to improve your operation, whether it’s through system upgrades, software personalization, or on-site technical support to keep you up and running.

Specializing in Oracle’s PeopleSoft Upgrades

Contact us to get started on your company’s IT improvements. We proudly serve clients throughout the Freetown, Massachusetts, area.